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Jane Richardson

Jane Richardson has had a full and varied career as a travel consultant, photographer, author, lecturer, and artist, in addition to being a wife and mother. Highlights can be found on the "Meet the Author" page.

Her literary works include:
  • Chief of the Chiefs: Louis Rooks Bruce — Mohawk/Sioux, Commissioner of Indian Affairs, and Lobbyist — a biography of Louis Bruce that includes Mohawk and Sioux history through recent activities which elevated the status of American Indians
  • My PATCHwork Quilt: Pieces of the Past   additional recollections from the author's childhood to the days of her great-grandchildren, Remember When Part 2, if you will
  • Eddie Elias: PBA founder merchandised sports, corporate, TV worlds   a biography of sports/TV/Radio promoter and agent Eddie Elias
  • Gilbert   a biography of her brother, Gilbert Patch, by Gilbert Patch with Jane Richardson
  • Steadfast the Lamp   a novel capturing the varied cultures of South India
  • Remember When   recollections from the author's childhood to the days of her great-grandchildren
  • Virgin Princess: an historic novel of Mewar (Udaipur, India) - the world's oldest dynasty   reveals Mewar's bizarre and enticing history
  • India: Tourist Mecca   a guidebook about the Indian subcontinent
  • One chapter of Tender Hearts of India was included in an anthology of Rajasthan published in India
  • Tender Hearts of India   a non-fiction cultural summary of north and south India
  • Martha   a biography of Jane's mother
  • A Linguist Never: One Family's Improbably Journey To and Through Europe   a diary of the Richardson Family's month-long trip to Europe in 1963
This website focuses on her recent publications. Visit the Books page for additional information on her books and their availability.